Ronald Lauder
Ronald LauderFlash 90

The World Jewish Congress (WJC) and Jewish on Campus (JOC) have announced a joint partnership to combat anti-Semitism on college campuses.

The initiative will “amplify the voices and strengthen the actions of college students who identify anti-Semitic occurrences at their schools,” WJC said.

The partnership will also “broaden and deepen” the impact of Jewish on Campus. The organization began in 2020 as an Instagram campaign, and is now concerned with empowering Jews on university campuses using education, social media and grassroots activism.

“College campuses should be a place that allows for the free expression of thought and exploration of ideas, not a breeding ground for hatred and anti-Semitism,” WJC President Ronald S. Lauder said. "Jewish students should be free to express their identities without risk of harassment, including their support for the only Jewish state.”

Lauder added: “The World Jewish Congress will in effect incubate Jewish on Campus as part of our extensive efforts to strengthen future Jewish leaders. It is crucial for us to help as young people combat false narratives and to enable them to advocate effectively in their communities.”

In an era of increasing campus anti-Semitism, Jewish students should be given the “tools to lead the fight,” said Julia Jassey, CEO of Jewish on Campus.

“By joining forces, Jewish on Campus and the World Jewish Congress create an unprecedented opportunity of collaboration between the student and professional communities on an international level, giving young voices a seat at the table and the ability to act in accordance with our own perspectives on the ground,” Jassey said.

The partnership will expand the reach of Jewish on Campus to international college campuses, relying on WJC’s relationships with Jewish student communities worldwide.

As part of their collaboration to strengthen their shared ongoing campaign against hate, WJC will also share resources with Jewish on Campus, including a workspace in New York City.