Rabbi Abraham Twerski
Rabbi Abraham TwerskiCourtesy of the OU

The new Twerski learning center launched on October 13 in Menorat HaMaor synagogue in Ramat Beit Shemesh. The center was founded in memory of the late Rabbi Avraham Twerski who passed away earlier this year from covid.

The center is dedicated to education and learning on the topic of personal growth, especially on the topics such as self-esteem and growth through adversity, one of Rabbi Twerski's messages as a world-renowned psychiatrist.

Rabbi Twerski reached out and helped hundreds suffering from addiction, introducing such topics, as well as familial abuse, into religious household discussions- until such a time these topics were taboo.

Rabbi Chaim Twerski, Rabbi Twerski's grandson, spoke at the launch of the center, as did Dr. Yaakov Freedman. The topic of the evening: "Growth through Adversity".

Aliza Bloch, Mayor of Beit Shemesh, also attended the event, praising the wondrous work of the Rabbi and the initiation of the education center, with the hopes that this would bring further awareness and discussion to these topics.

Four more such evenings are scheduled in the synagogue, each with a keynote speaker that will continue the discussions and delve further into the content of Rabbi Twerski's books.

The center is open to those wishing to learn more from Rabbi Twerski and his Torah approach to self-esteem, spiritual and personal growth, and enjoy the growing library of his books.

The evening was certainly memorable, with the emotional singing of "Hoshea Et Amecha" to Rabbi Twerski's tune, reminding the congregation of many Neilah prayers lead by the humble giant in that same synagogue in Ramat Beit Shemesh every year. The singing was led by the rabbi of the shul, Rabbi Daniel Myers, Rabbi Twerski's stepson in law.