PFLP Gaza terrorists
PFLP Gaza terroristsFlash 90

The Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) is calling on the U.S. government to end the Popular Front For The Liberation of Palestine’s (PFLP) ability to use misleadingly designated “human rights” NGOs to assist with “contemptible” terrorist attacks.

On October 22 when U.S. State Department spokesperson Ned Price was asked about Israel’s designations, Price responded that “we believe respect for human rights, fundamental freedoms, and a strong civil society are critically important to responsible and responsive governance.”

“Price’s irrelevant remark missed the point that the PFLP-linked NGOs are not legitimate human rights or civil society groups,” the ZOA said. “Instead, these NGOs aid, abet and carry out anti-Jewish terror. The only human right at stake here is the right of innocent Jewish men, women, children and babies to live and not be murdered by PFLP terrorists.”

Noting that last week, Israel’s Minister of Defense Benny Gantz designated six PFLP front-groups as terror organizations, the ZOA called on the American government to “do everything possible to end the PFLP’s ability to use its phony ‘human rights’ NGOs to assist the PFLP’s contemptible terror attacks.”

They added: “This long-needed, overdue step will help curb terror activities and their financing. The U.S. State Department has properly designated the PFLP as a foreign terrorist organization since 1997. ZOA urges the U.S. to likewise designate these PFLP front groups as foreign terrorist organizations.”

The ZOA called on the White House to “review the extensive, ironclad information that Israel provided to the U.S.” which is in the public domain about the PFLP’s front-groups in order to “join Israel in designating these PFLP front-groups as terrorist organizations.”