Yuli Edelstein
Yuli EdelsteinMeir Alipur

MK Yuli Edelstein (Likud) on Friday attacked the chairman of his party, Benjamin Netanyahu, after the latter said on Thursday that it could take three and a half years until the Likud returns to power.

"So even though we have 72 seats on the right, we are supposed to sit in the opposition for 3.5 years and allow the left to destroy the Jewish state? We cannot allow this to materialize. This disastrous government must be dismantled right now!" Edelstein wrote.

Edelstein’s attack on Netanyahu comes almost two weeks after he announced during a television interview that he would run against Netanyahu for the leadership of the Likud.

"We will never return to power with him - we failed four times, how will we suddenly succeed a fifth time?" he said in the interview.

After a poll revealed that the Likud under Edelstein’s leadership would win only 20 seats, compared to 34 seats under Netanyahu’s leadership, Edelstein toldGalei Tzahal (Army Radio), "The results are preliminary and prove that everything I said is true - the Likud led by Netanyahu receives more seats and remains in the opposition, and under my leadership receives fewer seats and can form a government."

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