Bangkok, Thailand
Bangkok, ThailandFlash 90

Thailand announced tonight (Thursday) the opening of its gates to vaccinated tourists from 46 countries.

As of November 1, the country is removing the restrictions that have been in place during the pandemic and it will also be possible to enter the capital Bangkok and other cities.

Entry in the first stage will only be allowed to those who have been vaccinated with two or more vaccine doses, there is currently no mention of people who have recovered from the coronavirus but have not been vaccinated,

Every vaccinated tourist will have to undergo a coronavirus PCR test within 72 hours before takeoff from Israel and another test upon landing at the airport in Thailand. From the moment of arrival in Bangkok or the destination where the tourist lands, visitors will have to stay in isolation at a pre-determined hotel until they receive a negative test result.

In addition, each tourist must present health insurance up to $50,000 that covers all coronavirus expenses.

El Al, which currently operates direct flights to Thailand, is preparing to resume flights to the country and the website is offering new deals. The Chabad center in Bangkok, led by Rabbi Nehemiah Wilhelm, is also preparing to receive tourists again.