Speaking about the 10 year anniversary of the Gilad Shalit deal between Israel and Hamas, former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert remarked on the ramifications of negotiating with a terrorist group.

“It was a mistake, it showed weakness, which damaged the State of Israel and has has triggered the military confrontations with Hamas since then,' says Olmert in an interview with i24News.

When asked about the “ethos of ‘bring the boy back home,’” Olmert replies: “Not at any cost.”

“When we were going all over the place across the world about the need to release Gilad Shalit, I remember many times that American leaders including the president, and European leaders, used to say to me, ‘I don’t understand. You guys always warn everyone not to negotiate with terrorist organizations, and in the end the only one who negotiates with terrorist organizations is the State of Israel,” Olmert says.

The former prime minister adds: “Sometimes in the life of a nation, decisions must be made which are painful, heartbreaking, difficult, hard to make.”