Dark times over America
Dark times over AmericaiStock

Throughout history, empires have exercised their long-range power through client or vassal states. A vassal state is a state that is economically, politically, and/or militarily subordinate to another more powerful state in international relations.

Israel is currently a vassal state under the protective diplomatic umbrella of the United States. Both sides have benefited greatly from the relationship and Israel feels like it has a powerful patron to protect it from various existential and non-existential threats.

Modern Israel has been a vassal state to the United States since its reestablishment in 1948. Israel has always fought its wars with its own soldiers but has relied on America for diplomatic protection and for the supply of military hardware when needed. In return, Israel has done what America tells it to do even if it goes against Israel's interests. For example, Israel removed Jews from their lawful homes in Gaza and gave those homes and farms to Muslim terrorists who now use that territory to launch missiles at Israel's cities.

Due to irreversible anti-Israel changes in American society at large, and the enthusiastic collaboration of ethically lost, virtue signaling American Jews who find spiritual fulfillment in harming Israel, the America-Israel relationship has started to unravel. All good things must come to an end, and it looks like the America-Israel relationship is ending. Israel can no longer rely on America to come to her assistance. Soon America will refuse to resupply Israel with military hardware to protect herself from the very Islamic aggression that America now tacitly encourages. And, if the Biden regime continues along its current preferred course, it will do grave damage to Israel.

Israel needs to reassess her relationship with America. With an American friend that sides with Iran over Israel or that sees a moral equivalence between Gazan terrorists and Israeli civilians, you don't need enemies.

Israel would be a great client state/ally to any superpower. Israel has a lot to offer: She has a powerful army, a good economy, an educated and intelligent populace, is a high-tech superpower and a very loyal friend. These are attractive traits for a client state. America thinks Israel won't leave her no matter how poorly she is treated. And because of that, Israel needs to think about moving under the protective umbrella of another empire.

Israel has three potential superpowers/empires it could partner with: Russia, China, or India. Russia would be a top choice. It already coordinates with Israel in Syria, Vladimir Putin seems to view Israel and Jews favorably, and there are approximately one million Russians in Israel. Russia would love to deny America one of its strongest allies and get Israel into its orbit.

China, which is about to take America's place as the preeminent world power, could always utilize a strong Israel as an ally in their quest to dominate the Middle East's vast oil resources. The Chinese and Jews each have 3000+ year-old cultures and because of that, the Chinese respect Jewish culture.

India, which is predominantly Hindu, has never had designs on world domination or becoming an empire, but India is tormented and harassed by Muslim Pakistan who occasionally attacks it. India could finally neutralize that threat if it had Israel as its powerful friend.

America is fading as a world power and China, Russia, and India are on their way up. Israel would be wise to consider this. So should America.