Following the provocation caused by MK Gilad Kariv on Thursday morning, when the Reform MK entered the women's section of the Western Wall prayer plaza to hand a Torah scroll to the feminist Women of the Wall group, MK Meir Porush (United Torah Judaism) held his own protest at the Knesset.

Kariv had arrived at the Wall in time for the monthly prayer service of the Women of the Wall, armed with a Torah scroll he intended to give them to use during their service, against the explicit instructions of the Justice Ministry. A representative of the Western Wall Heritage Foundation appealed to Kariv not to abuse his parliamentary immunity and take such a provocative step, but Kariv replied that he would "act according to his religious beliefs." He then entered the women’s prayer section of the Wall and handed the scroll to the group of around twenty Women of the Wall, who commenced a Torah reading. A huge commotion ensued.

Later that morning, MK Porush entered a meeting of the Knesset's Constitution, Law, and Justice Committee, which Kariv heads, took out a sefer Tehillim (Book of Psalms) from his pocket, and began loudly reciting Psalms, one after another, disrupting the meeting for long minutes.

Eventually, Kariv's patience snapped and he ordered ushers to remove Porush from the room. Porush then sat down on the floor and continued to recite Psalms, adding that, "I will not stop my protest until you stop going to the Western Wall. If you stop entering the women's section, then I will stop coming here."

Kariv replied, "Knesset members have an important obligation to protest. This morning, I was at the Western Wall and I am delighted to see Knesset members exercising their right to protest. The committee walls haven't collapsed and we even got the merit of a few chapters of Tehillim."