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Recently, I wrote a piece ridiculing Biden’s immigration policy and exposing the absurdity of facilitating an open border policy, allowing unvetted illegal infiltrators into US cities. I claimed that these infiltrators, or illegal immigrants, are likely to be accompanied by COVID-19 carriers, gang members, drug smugglers, and even terrorists.

Since most of the illegal immigrants who cross into the US from the Mexican border are either Latino or black, I was accused of racism.

I also complained, sarcastically, that an open border policy limited to the Mexican border is unfair since it favors this particular border, and with the intention of being fair, the open border policy should be applied to all international airports allowing anyone, including Islamic terrorists, to enter unvetted, without the need for a passport, a visa or any kind of an ID.

I was called a Racist and an Islamophobe over these assertions.

(Of course, I didn’t advocate open borders. This was a sarcastic way of exposing the ridiculous, mindless and absurd immigration policy taken by the Biden Administration, a policy that carries a great deal of peril).

A couple of friends warned me that my writing reflected my racist thoughts. Although these individuals were a small minority among my readers, most of whom expressed their agreement and delight with the piece, they made me wonder where they saw the alleged racism in my writing.

I came to the conclusion that these individuals were infected by the “progressive” mindset, which has, as of late, turned the definition of racism on its head.

The definition of racism has made a U-Turn; it has become a weapon for those who employ it as a knockout argument to fend off justified criticism. It has turned into an instrument for seeking impunity, for shielding those who commit atrocities by accusing of racism anyone who tries to restrict them.

“We have done nothing wrong; all accusations are due to racism” is the winning mantra. If you mock a member of a minority group because he or she crossed the line, committed a felony, or said something stupid, it’s because you are a racist. It’s certainly not related to their particular act. You can’t criticize a minority person unless you don’t care about being declared a “racist”.

White people, however, can be punished, criticized, mocked, ridiculed and abused if they commit an improper act. Don’t even think about doing that when it comes to a person who is a member of a minority. If you do, the “progressive” mindset will shriek: “Racist! Racist! Go Home, Racist!”

It's a crazy world.

Take the example of US House Member Ilhan Omar. She is a known anti-Semite. She accused US Jews of disloyalty to the US because they voiced their pro-Israel position. but if being pro-Israel exhibits dual loyalty, then being anti-Israel exhibits dual loyalty as well, except this time it’s loyalty to Israel’s enemies.

When President Trump and others criticized and condemned Omar for her impertinent and prejudiced stance, some left-minded, useful idiots, including some highly-positioned Democrats, reacted to these condemnations by coming out in Omar’s defense, attacking those who had decried her statements and disrespectful insolence, blaming them for racism and islamophobia.

Many of these Democrats encourage Omar to keep on pursuing her outrageous scandalous activities, her anti-patriotic attacks on America, her antisemitic attacks on Jews, by painting her as a victim. They let her use her Muslim, black female status as a shield; They told her that she could go on spreading venom with impunity since any condemnation, any criticism, would be pushed back by framing her accusers as those who practice racism against her race, religion and gender.

This is a classic example of how racism has been employed by an anti-Semite as a shield. She can do and say anything as outrageous as she likes, including lies, unfiltered venom, racist remarks against whites, Jews, and others. She is shielded by her minority status, and don’t you dare criticize her.

You can’t hide. The “progressives” will find you… If you do dare criticize this racist, black Muslim woman, you are the racist; she is the victim. By definition.

OJ Simpson was found “Not Guilty” but not because he was not guilty of murdering two people. It was because his attorney was able to convince the naïve jury that the defendant had been framed by a racist system. The evidence against OJ was overwhelming. Any person with an IQ above room temperature (in Fahrenheit ~ about 70 degrees) could come to a doubtless conclusion about his guilt. Yet, the race card provided a perfect shield, even in that case. And don’t you dare challenge the verdict! OJ was clearly the victim in this case. Yeah! Of course…

Enough! I am tired of this crazy inverted definition, where the real racists are shielded by feigned victimhood, and those who expose them are the racists. Enough! Unacceptable! The truth should no longer be behind bars and blinds. Not in this house.

Dr. Avi Perry, talk show host at Paltalk News Network (PNN), is the author of "Fundamentals of Voice Quality Engineering in Wireless Networks," and more recently, "72 Virgins," a thriller about the covert war on Islamic terror. He was a VP at NMS Communications, a Bell Laboratories - distinguished staff member and manager, as well as a delegate of the US and Lucent Technologies to the ITU—the UN International Standards body in Geneva, a professor at Northwestern University and Intelligence expert for the Israeli Government. He may be reached through his web site