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The Abraham Global Peace Initiative (AGPI) will be presenting Canada’s UN Ambassador Bob Rae with its First Annual Human Rights Award in New York City on Wednesday.

The new Canadian Jewish global human rights organization will honor Rae for his “exceptional championship of human rights throughout his career.”

The ceremony will take place alongside AGPI’s global launch, where guests will include permanent UN representatives, dignitaries and officials, including the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights.

“It’s our honour and pleasure to bestow upon Ambassador Bob Rae our highest honour for his work in advancing human rights,” Paul Godfrey, AGPI’s Honourary Chairman, said.

Rae, who previously served as the Premier of Ontario and interim leader of the Canadian Liberal Party, has also held a wide range of positions, such as Special Envoy to Myanmar and Special Envoy on Humanitarian and Refugee issues.

“Our organization aspires to carry Canada’s message to the world, becoming a moral compass for pluralism, justice and human rights for all. At the recent UN General Assembly, it was clear from testimony given by world leaders that the world around us is in greater turmoil more than ever. Over the course of the next number of years, our objective will be to bring the world together under one tent,” said Avi Benlolo, AGPI’s Founder and Chair.

The even will take place at Canada’s mission to the United Nations, with high level international representatives including Ambassador Noa Furman, Israel’s deputy permanent representative to the UN; Ambassador Mohamed Abushahab, deputy permanent representative of the UAE; and ambassadors from Austria, Hungary, Italy, Lichtenstein and the Slovak Republic.

The AGPI describes itself as having a “mission and mandate to assist, encourage and promote, whether on its own or in conjunction with others, the advancement of human knowledge and understanding through the study of and research into international human rights, fundamental freedoms, democracy, global peace and civil society in Canada, Israel and around the world” by countering “anti-Semitism, racism and discrimination, and focusing on Holocaust remembrance and distortion.”