Car accident (illustrative)
Car accident (illustrative)Flash 90

American Hasidic singer Yeedle Werdyger was spared from injury in a car accident that occurred while he was returning from Camp Simcha in New Jersey to his home in New York on Saturday night.

According to the Kikar HaShabbat news website, the accident occurred after a woman who was driving in front of Verdiger unexpectedly lost control of the steering wheel of her vehicle and collided with a railing on the side of the road.

Werdyger, who understood what was happening on the road, was able to stop the traffic on the side of the road and called the rescue forces and the police, thus managing to save himself and the other passengers on the road from a serious disaster.

As the people who were injured in the collision were being treated, a truck and vehicles that passed by very quickly collided with Werdyger's parked vehicle and completely crushed it. Apart from damage to property, everyone miraculously survived unscathed.

"God sent me an angel who saved my entire family. It was a great miracle," Werdyger told Kikar HaShabbat. "The driver who caused the accident was probably drunk, she lost control and made dozens of turns with the vehicle in the middle of the highway. We received our lives as a gift. I will recite Hagomel and thank God."