David Elhayani
David ElhayaniArutz Sheva

Yesha Council head David Elhayani, who is also head of the Jordan Valley Regional Council, has issued a protest at the recent and planned meetings between government ministers and the head of the Palestinian Authority, PA President Mahmoud Abbas, also known as Abu Mazen.

“The rush by government ministers to meet with and be photographed with this Holocaust-denier and terrorist-funder is dangerous and grave,” Elhayani said. “Abu Mazen is a corrupt lowlife who uses money belonging to the people he rules over for his own purposes, including funding terrorists and harming both Israel and foreign countries.

“Meeting with him simply encourages hatred and friction and does not bring calm,” he added. “True peace will emerge from facts on the ground, and not from corrupt behavior. Government ministers who want to make peace should invest in the local economy and infrastructure and also concern themselves with health issues including vaccination for all local residents,” he stressed.

Meretz party head and Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz is due to meet with Abbas on Sunday evening in Ramallah. Prime Minister Naftali Bennett is aware of the proposed meeting and has reportedly taken no steps to prevent it from occurring; meanwhile, the security services have prepared the ground for the meeting.

Abbas himself apparently initiated the meeting, inviting Horowitz to Ramallah along with other members of the Meretz party – Minister for Regional Cooperation Issawi Frej and party chairman Michal Rozin. The meeting is not intended to be used to discuss health issues, but rather political issues and diplomatic progress between Israel and the PA.

Around a month ago, Defense Minister Benny Gantz met with the PA chairman in Ramallah. Sources from Gantz’s office said at the time that Gantz and Abbas discussed security and diplomatic issues, and also various matters relating to the economy and other civilian issues. As with the meeting with Meretz party members, Prime Minister Bennett made no objection to the meeting and in fact gave it a green light to go ahead.

At the end of last week, PA President Abbas spoke at the UN General Assembly and issued an ultimatum to Israel, saying that, “Israel has one year to return to the ’67 borders, including East Jerusalem.”

“Israel must choose,” insisted Abbas, because “if the Israeli occupation continues to entrench the reality of a single apartheid state, neither Palestinians nor the rest of the world will tolerate such a situation.”

If Israel does not comply with ultimatum, he threatened, “We will go to the International Court in The Hague and demand a ruling regarding the legality of the occupation.”