Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked
Interior Minister Ayelet ShakedOlivier Fitoussi/Flash90

Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked will be implementing a new system designed to cut off sources of funding from Arab crime organizations and individuals.

Shaked decided on the necessity of such a system after discovering how in many Arab towns and villages, crime families have gained control over municipal services such as garbage disposal and transportation, appropriating state funds designated for these purposes themselves.

Shaked will be spearheading a program whereby the services will be provided via local authorities, in order to avoid the situation in which the state and the Interior Ministry transfer budgets to the local authorities which then transfer them onward to those responsible for the increasing crime rate in Arab society.

“We will be fighting against crime in the Arab sector using all the means at our disposal,” Shaked said, “and also combating the situation of lawlessness in the Negev region.”

Shaked added that, “This is just the beginning. The drying-up of funding for crime syndicates is an important step to be taking. Mayors will no longer be subject to extortion.”

Earlier on Sunday, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett convened a meeting of the inter-ministerial taskforce dealing with crime and violence in the Arab sector, and authorized the implementation of a new program to deal with illegal possession of weapons in Arab towns and villages.

“We are going to sort this out, investing a large amount of time, resources, and effort into addressing the problem of Arab violence and crime,” Bennett stated at the meeting. “The Arab sector needs to learn to see the State as the solution to its problems, not their enemy.”