Arson Terrorism
Arson TerrorismMagen Fund

In 2017, a terrorist threw a firebomb into a field in the Jewish village of Neve Tsuf in the Judea region of Israel. The town’s security team responded to the incident immediately. The problem was that they didn’t have the proper tools to put out the fire.

So they called the fire department. But because of the village’s remote location, the firefighting squad took forty-five minutes to arrive.

The result: Twenty-two homes were burnt to a crisp. Over twenty families were left homeless. The most tragic part is that it could have been prevented. That’s because the security detail was on the scene when the fire was still manageable. But they couldn’t extinguish it because they lacked the proper equipment.

That’s because many of these security teams in Judea and Samaria suffer from budget cuts. This means that as determined as they are to fight these deadly fires, budgetary restrictions prevent them from doing so.

But you can change all that right now.

With a small donation, you can prevent Israeli villages in Judea and Samaria from being destroyed.

The Magen Fund is now accepting donations for various necessary tools needed to contain and even prevent terror-inflicted wild-fires.

You can provide their security teams with firefighting essentials like a:

  • Standard fire box shovel - a $25 donation
  • Myti-Flo hose - a $50 donation
  • Hot Shield HS-2 Face Protector with particle mask - an $85 donation
  • Collapsible "Smokechaser" - a $200 donation
  • Fire pump - a $200 donation
  • Wildfire protection sprinkler hose system - a $400 donation

Any amount you donate will go directly to protecting the Jewish people in the Land of Israel from arson attacks.

Don’t let the story of Neve Tsuf repeat itself. Do what you can to prevent arson attacks against the nation of Israel.

Donate whatever you can to the Israel Magen Fund Today.