Barel Hadarya Shmueli
Barel Hadarya ShmueliIsrael Police spokesperson

Nitzah Shmueli, mother of killed Border Police officer Barel Hadarya Shmueli, spoke Thursday morning at an event marking 30 days since her son's death.

"You left us with many questions," she said at the event, which took place at the military cemetary in Kiryat Shaul. "My life was burned."

Agam, Barel's sister, placed a letter on his grave. In the letter, she had written, "I miss you terribly. You were the perfect big brother. I would do anything for you to come back."

First Sergeant Barel Hadarya Shmueli, a 21-year-old resident of Be'er Ya'akov, was shot and critically injured on August 21, during an operation on the Gaza border. Initially identified as First Sergeant B., Barel was soon named and the public asked to pray for his recovery.

Though Barel was evacuated to Soroka Medical Center in Be'er Sheva and underwent several surgeries, his condition deteriorated and he died just over a week after he was injured.

Barel enlisted in the Border Police and underwent training as a solditer in March 2019. Following his training, he completed a course to join the Border Police's undercover Arab unit, after which he became part of the Border Police Southern District's unit (Yamas).

During his service in the unit, Barel completed a snipers course, and served as a Yamas sniper. He took part in dozens of operations to foil terror activity and fight serious crime in southern Israel.