Defense Minister visits wounded soldier
Defense Minister visits wounded soldierDefense Ministry Spokesperson

Following the improvement in the condition of the soldier from the Duvdevan unit who was wounded in a shootout with Hamas terrorists near Jenin, he was discharged from the intensive care unit at Rambam Medical Center for further treatment in the thoracic surgery department.

The soldier has been released from the intensive care unit, his condition is stable, he is alert and communicating with others. As soon as he left the intensive care unit, his friends and colleagues in the ward stood in two columns and saluted him.

The officer who was wounded in the same shootout remains in serious but stable condition and he remains on assisted breathing. This morning the officer regained consciousness and communicated with the medical staff and his family.

The intensive care unit staff continues at this time to treat him in order bring his health to a state where it will be possible for him to be discharged from the ICU.

The officer's father, Yossi, told reporters: "He took 9 bullets - and the boy is alive, breathing and communicating. I remember everything. A bullet hit a grenade he had in his vest and it did not explode - if that is not a miracle, I do not know what is. I am proud and happy that they are serving in [the unit]," said the father, who maintains optimism about his son's recovery.

The mechanism that prevented the grenade from exploding is called "Eliraz" after the late Eliraz Peretz. The mechanism was invented after Eliraz died as a result of a bullet that hit his grenade, causing it to explode.