IDU exhibition for Alei Siach
IDU exhibition for Alei SiachIDU Public Relations

Today (Sunday) the Israel Dog Unit, a nonprofit organization specializing in the training and deployment of security and search and rescue dogs, held an exhibition for the disability support organization Alei Siach in Jerusalem. The exhibition was repeated for four separate audiences of special needs children and adults and featured the IDU's senior staff and eponymous working dogs.

Volunteers demonstrated a broad range of canine capabilities for the crowd, including both rescue and security training, as well as the high levels of discipline necessary to make a working dog effective. Acrobatic and agility drills were also performed.

At the end of the exhibition, Alei Siach presented the IDU with a certificate of appreciation for their efforts both at the exhibition and throughout Israel.

An IDU spokesperson commented that "We are thrilled to be able to fulfill the commandment to rejoice on the holiday of Sukkot and to bring some light and happiness to this congregation. As happy as we made them, we gladdened ourselves much more by helping."