Rabbi Drori at the blockade around Kumi Ori
Rabbi Drori at the blockade around Kumi OriCourtesy of Kumi Ori

Rabbi Tzefania Drori, Chief Rabbi of the city of Kiryat Shmoneh, visited the Samaria town of Kumi Ori to view the police blockade around the area and to encourage and commend the residents.

"Kumi Ori must take heart and carry on," Rabbi Drori commented, "The people here must not fear anyone attempting to intimidate them." He further addressed the issue of the blockade itself, saying that it was prohibited by Jewish law. "It is forbidden for anyone to oppose attempts to settle the land of Israel," he added.

Kumi Ori has been defined as a 'closed military zone' for more than two years and has had a police presence stationed at the approaches to their area to prevent the entry of anything forbidden to the residents, including any building materials or visitors not officially recognized as living in the area.