Columbus, Ohio
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Powell, Ohio police are searching for whoever was responsible for the vandalism of a park complex with a swastika and other offensives symbols and images.

Powell police said that the defacement with a swastika of a multi-use trail that runs along the back of Adventure Park was discovered over the weekend.

“This is something that this community does not stand for,” Detective Ryan Pentz told NBC4i. “This is something this city doesn’t stand for – the city administration – and that’s why we’re actively seeking who did this, so that we can discuss why the images were placed and what their purpose was.”

According to a police report, the park’s pool was also vandalized. Officers attending the scene discovered that the pool’s door was open and extensive damage had been done to the building.

In a social media post, the Olentangy Swim Association, the group that runs the pool, said that “they were “saddened to share that our pool has been a victim of extreme vandalism over the weekend.”

They added that the facility in the small suburb just outside of Columbus, Ohio had sustained “costly damage.”

Joel Marcovitch, CEO of JewishColumbus, said in a statement that he was “upset but not surprised” to learn of the incident.

“Anti-Semitism continues to be on the rise, especially here in central Ohio,” Marcovitch said. “As the memory of the Holocaust fades, we, as a united Columbus community need to redouble our efforts in teaching the lesson of the Holocaust so those that seek to use a symbol of hate realize exactly why incidents like these are deeply troubling.”

He questioned the motivation behind the attack, noting that “the Jewish community will not be intimidated or bend our knee to hate.”

He added: “If this was an attempt to divide us, know that the Jewish community who have been in this area for over 100 years will continue to be an important part of this community in partnership with all those that condemn hate. We hope that those who did this act are found, educated and punished to the fullest extent of the law.”