A 19-year -old Border Police officer was lightly wounded in the foot during an attempted stabbing in the Old City of Jerusalem. The attacker was neutralized and later died from his injuries.

A statement from the Jerusalem precinct said that "A short while ago, a suspect arrived at the Majless Gate and attempted to stab a police officer. Other officers nearby shot at him and neutralized him before arresting the attacker, during which one officer was lightly injured by a ricochet."

Friday prayers on the Temple Mount passed today (Friday) with few incidents. At noon, violent clashes broke out between the Palestinians and the security forces in several centers in Judea and Samaria, which include throwing stones and burning tires. The Red Crescent has reported more than 40 individuals injured in these incidents.

Police across Israel have been placed on high alert. The IDF has cancelled leave throughout the country until further notice.