Twin Towers
Twin TowersINN: RW

President Isaac Herzog published a tribute Friday. ahead of the twentieth anniversary of 9/11.

"On 9/11, the Twin Towers came down and brought the skies crashing down with them. The world had changed,' he wrote.

"I was at work at a Tel Aviv law firm at the time. I remember watching the news with horror. Coming from a country where for the past few years, buses, cafés, and restaurants had been blown up by suicide bombers with a murderous ideology, claiming the lives of so many Israelis, the scenes looked familiar—yet the scale and magnitude were unprecedented," President Herzog said.

"Tomorrow marks twenty years since the terrible 9/11 attacks," he added. "Israel will stand forever with the United States, our greatest ally. We remember the thousands of victims, we embrace the orphans and widows, the bereaved parents, friends, and families, and also the survivors, and we salute the brave men and women who ran into the flames and rubble in the hope of saving human lives.

"As peace-loving nations, we must ensure that our shared commitment to the defense of life and liberty triumph over any terrorists wishing to rain atrocities on our shores," President Herzog concluded.