Nadia Matar, co-chair of the Sovereignty Movement, said that with the year ending today, "It’s national soul searching that we have to do.”

In an exclusive interview with Arutz Sheva, Matar spoke about the situation caused by the impact of the current Israeli government.

She said that the main question in her opinion is: “How come when the majority of the Israeli people – over 70, almost 80 percent – voted for the right wing, for Eretz Israel, for sovereignty, against a Palestinian state, what happened so that we don’t have such a government?"

She added that the current government "does not express the will of the majority of the Jewish people who are sane and so loving of Eretz Israel, so wanting the land of Israel, so wanting sovereignty, and voted for that. They want a Jewish state. They want a state with Jewish values, that is Am Yisrael, the beautiful people of Israel.”

Questioning what took place to allow a different type of government to coalesce, Matar said that the majority of voters wanted a right wing government.

“What happened that we don’t have such a government that expresses that? That is the soul searching we will have to do. Our message to this government is: Remember that’s what the people want. The people do not want left, the people do not want a Palestinian state. The people want right wing, want national, want Eretz Israel, want aliyah, want security, want the IDF not to have their hands tied when fighting an enemy. We have to shoot the enemy when they attack without apologizing," she said.

“There are so many beautiful things that the people of Israel wanted but because of internal riffs and fighting by politicians we don’t have that now. And we hope that’s what we will work on in this coming year.”

The message of the Sovereignty Movement is to preserve the values of the Jewish State. “Our message and our goals was this past year and this coming year is to keep the idealistic values in the consciousness and on the map. Corona we’ll get over it. We have to stick to the values – to idealism, to Eretz Israel, to Zionism, to aliyah, that’s what we need to deal with.”