Violent rioting
Violent riotingNasser Ishtayeh/Flash90

Israel Security Agency (Shabak) on Tuesday morning announced that as part of an intensive investigation conducted jointly with Israel Police and the IDF, a shooting attack carried out in the Hebron area during Operation Guardian of the Walls has been solved.

On May 12, 2021, dozens of Palestinian Authority Arabs rioted violently near Kafr Sa'ir in the Hebron area.

During the violent riots, shots were fired at IDF soldiers who were at the scene, and one soldier was hit by two bullets, which hit his helmet and his communications device, but by miracle did not cause injury to his body. As a result of the fire, the soldier lost consciousness, but he did not require medical treatment.

During the investigation of the attack, which included complex and varied intelligence processes, the terrorist, 31-year-old Mahmad Jabareen, a resident of Sa'ir, was arrested. Jabareen had previously served a ten-month sentence after he was convicted of being a member of a military cell belonging to the al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades, which aimed to carry out military activity.

The investigation showed that Mahmad Jabareen carried out the shooting attack using a weapon belonging to Manatzer Mahmoud Hassin Jabareen, 30, who is a resident of Sa'ir.

Manatzer was detained for questioning, during which he handed over the M16 used in the attack, as well as two magazines.

"Shabak, the IDF, and Israel Police will continue to act using all of the means available to them in order to expose and bring to justice all those involved in terror activities against the State of Israel and its citizens," a statement said.