E1 area
E1 areaEliran Aharon

The Peace Now organization is raising allegations against the Bennett government, which is working to promote the construction of thousands of housing units in the E1 area, located between Jerusalem and the city of Maale Adumim.

The Supreme Planning Council has announced that it will hold discussions on the reservations by Peace Now and other left-wing organizations such as Ir Amim over the construction plans promoted by the government during the month of October. After hearing the objections, it will be decided how to proceed with the plan.

Peace Now claims that "the plan is considered particularly lethal in terms of the prospect of peace and a two-state solution for two nations because it prevents the development of the metropolis between Ramallah, East Jerusalem and Bethlehem."

"Instead of leveraging the meeting with President Biden for a better future for the region, the government is promoting Netanyahu's dangerous policy. The Prime Minister and Defense Minister should order a freeze on the plan in order to protect Israel's interest and prevent endless trouble," it added.