Dark times over America
Dark times over AmericaiStock

We are a leaderless nation. No, we are not the proverbial freight train heading for disaster. Worse. We are a passenger loaded, well fueled, cockpit locked, pilot-less jetliner careening to earth. And few, contentedly watching TV in their buckled seats seem to realize it. How is that possible? Oh yeah, the tribunals of truth, the NYT, WAPO, CNN and MSNBC don't front page it. They work to divert our minds with endless chit-chat about the Chinese Virus spreading among our school children if they are not all vaccinated and if they do not wear their masks while in gym classes or out in the fresh air of the playgrounds.

Where are the likes of these media gurus when it comes to the other clear and present threats facing us all? The humanitarian disaster unfolding in Afghanistan. The border crisis getting worse daily. Inflation ravaging our country. Gas and food prices soaring. The housing market out of reach of middle-incomers. The crime wave pandemic in all our Progressive-run cities.

Does anyone in power care? Our Vice President Harris, in Singapore yesterday, blurted out what is seemingly her top concern to our people back home: "Do your Christmas shopping now in August. There may not be supplies of gifts later on in the fall." The sure to be replacement for faltering Joe Biden, is keeping a low profile. Not a word on the swiftly crumbling Afghan disaster. "This is not my baby," she implies with her willful ignoring of reality.

So, who is running the nation? No one in authority seems to know. Fauci? Pelosi? Schumer? AOC and her gang of lunatics? The problem is that the wolves at our door are watching and waiting. Iran, Russia, China and North Korea, all subdued and forced to hide in their corners during the four years of the snarling, aggressive Trump years, are now licking their lips watching and waiting to pounce.

They see the internal dissent and dissatisfaction of our citizens with the handling of the second wave of the virus. They see parents revolting in school board meetings over the syllabi of hate teaching in the schools. We are a nation in disorder, fractured in many pieces. At each other's throats. No flashing street traffic signals. No warning stop signs. No crossing guards to lead us safely across this newly created abyss. Lost and trapped.

And just what fears are on the minds of the Taiwanese and Japanese, who have endlessly depended on America to protect them from their enemies? At least the Israelis, who depend on America's having their back, have never requested US Army boots on the ground. America, the bold, heroic, fearless sword-waving savior seems to have dissolved to dust in seven short, horrid months. They all understand that the vacuous mind of Biden and the daily growing concerns of his hapless handlers cannot focus on them at any given moment.

They are on their own. And so, apparently are the people of our own country who look around in dismay at the chaos at our southern border and in Afghanistan (to name a few) where the fumbling and lack of planning by our leaders are creating human disasters sure to get worse with each passing day. Our powers, like that of Supeman, have met their Kryptonite.

Can we limp through to the 2022 elections for some hope of salvation? Or will we be ordering an Amazon cargo ship filled with wheelchairs? The future is not a bright one.