Ohad Teharlev, Minister Shaked, Lod mayor Yair Revivo, Yinon Ahiman speaking
Ohad Teharlev, Minister Shaked, Lod mayor Yair Revivo, Yinon Ahiman speakingGershon Ellinson
Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked (Yamina) visited the Lod branch of Ohr Torah Stone’s Midreshet Lindenbaum seminary on Wednesday, where she saluted the decision of the students to come and study particularly in the recently embattled city.

Joining the visit was Yair Revivo, Mayor of Lod; Deputy Mayor Yossi Harush; Aharon Itias, director of the Lod municipality; Yinon Ahiman, Director General of Ohr Torah Stone; as well as Midreshet Lindenbaum Israeli director Rabbi Ohad Teharlev; and Naama Frankel, head of the Lod branch.

In his introduction, Rabbi Teharlev praised Minister Shaked for personally keeping in touch with him and his family after the tragic murder of his son Elchai in a terror attack.

“Many politicians came to express their condolences at the time, but Minister Shaked continues to keep in touch with our family to see how we are coping,” he said.

“When Rabbi Teharlev invited me to come, I was meant to be on vacation, but because of the importance of the Midrasha and the specific location in Lod, I decided to come,” said Minister Shaked.

“I’ve recently returned from a discussion on mixed cities and the understanding is that we must strengthen these cities, and the Midrasha is doing that significantly. Lod has faced unprecedented security and societal challenges in the past few months which highlights even more the importance of the establishment and mission of Midreshet Lindenbaum - Lod.”

“In recent months Lod has been forced to contend with unprecedented social and security challenges,” continued Minister Shaked, “making the communal and spiritual mission of the seminary even more important.”

“It is of course no coincidence that Midreshet Lindenbaum chose to open a branch in this specific location, for as part of the Ohr Torah Stone network you have stood out amongst the Orthodox Jewish organizations for leading the way in advancing the place of women in Torah and Halacha. In so doing, you have so positively influenced the entire Jewish world in ways that have spanned confinements and communities by touching the hearts and lives of countless Jews you have encountered.”

“The educational institutes within the network, the agunot you seek to free and the converts you support, the global network of emissaries, these are all just a small reflection of your remarkable work, which is driven by a forward-looking vision that educates not just in Torah and values, but also how to live within our modern world. All this while bravely confronting the challenges of the day and proving how to make practical decisions that allow Jewish practice and values to go hand in hand with daily life without ever compromising on the ideals that define Orthodox Judaism.

“I stand here as a proud representative of the future generation of Israeli women, at this moment as you stand ready to begin your IDF and National Service paths but have first chosen to strengthen and enrich your souls by studying our ancient tradition, and also through just the act of being in this city to support the welfare of others. I wish you all and this remarkable Midrasha, that you should all grow and spread your wings.”

“This Midrasha represents a remarkable center for young religious women where learning Torah is combined with a full and meaningful army service,” said OTS Director General, Yinon Ahiman. “The Midreshet Lindenbaum branches in Lod and Carmiel combine Torah study with social involvement based on Jewish values and responding to the needs of the community.”

“Rabbi Shagar z”tl said that it’s not always possible to maintain a feeling of meaning, because sometimes life will feel empty. But here in the Midrasha we always try to provide as many days as possible of meaning and making dreams come true and provide the tools that will allow you to continue in that path even after leaving here. Thank you for choosing this as your home. It’s remarkable to see you here and I wish you all a great and productive year.”