Netzach recruits at Ammunition Hill
Netzach recruits at Ammunition Hillצילום: דוברות עמותת נצח

Hundreds of excited family members filled the recruitment complex at the Tel Hashomer base yesterday, where the new recruits of the August 2021 cycle were gathered this morning. Hundreds of soldiers enlisted to the Haredi tracks in the IDF, such as Netzah Yehuda, Tomer, Chetz, Plugat Hanegev, and more.

Recruitment for all the Haredi units takes place at the same time at the recruitment center in Tel Hashomer. Recruits from various cities came there from all over the country. The soldiers who arrive at Tel Hashomer are sorted into their unit and from there make their way through the enlistment process and to various training bases.

Rabbis and coordinators from the Netzah Organization, which accompanies soldiers serving in the Haredi tracks of the IDF, waited for the new soldiers and their families at the recruitment center in Tel Hashomer, Ammunition Hill in Jerusalem, and other locations. They welcomed new recruits, met families, and handed out contact cards and sweets. They explained to the recruits about their privileges and the help they can get from the rabbis during their service. The Netzah Organization rabbis will also arrive at the various bases and meet the recruits after the enlistment process is completed.

Rabbi Aharon Obermeister, director of the mentoring department at Netzah, said: "Every day, our team of rabbis and advisers accompanies the soldiers in the field and gives them all possible support. We have been doing this for 21 years. We see it as a tremendous privilege to accompany and support these courageous soldiers, who are crucial to Israel's security while upholding their values ​​and the Haredi way of life. We are proud of them and stand by them, and wish them a useful and meaningful service."