Sukkot at 770 in Crown Heights
Sukkot at 770 in Crown HeightsFLASH90

The deans of seven Chabad Lubavitch yeshivas in Israel have published a letter calling on young yeshiva students and their parents not to travel to the "770" Chabad Lubavitch headquarters in Crown Heights, New York, during the upcoming holiday season, Kikar Hashabbat reported.

The letter, which was first published on COL, also called on the students not to visit the "Ohel," where the sixth and seventh Lubavitcher Rebbes are interred.

At the same time, the organization which offers hospitality, meals, and classes for the students has announced that it will open registration for all those who intend to visit, but emphasized that the hospitality is available only for those who are recovered from coronavirus or have been vaccinated against it.

"It is known to all how advantageous and amazing it is for a hasid to travel to the Rebbe," the deans' letter to parents began.

"This year, due to the situation in the Holy Land and especially when the future is unclear and we do not know what each day will bring, we have gathered to discuss seriously whether it is responsible and appropriate for us to send young students at this time," the letter continued. "The facts show that those who are recovered and vaccinated (who have Green Passes) may also G-d forbid contract this mutation of the virus or that one (and just in the past few days they are reporting a new mutation which is spreading in the USA and which seriously harms children, G-d save us) while they are alone, far from the eyes of their parents and educators."

"We also need to take into account the possibility that the return to Israel may be delayed, as happened to students who traveled during the year, and who were forced to remain there for several weeks without proper physical or spiritual accommodations. Who will see to their physical and spiritual needs during this time? And there are also several other scenarios which may occur, G-d forbid, and this is not the place to detail them.

"Therefore, as the ones who are entrusted and responsible for the students' physical and spiritual welfare, we hereby state our opinion that at this time it is not worth sending young students [to New York] for the month of Tishrei, and we cannot take upon ourselves the responsibility for their health and their welfare, when we are not close to them (since it is obvious that this year, due to all of the restrictions, it will be very difficult for a staff member who has a family to travel.

"We hereby announce clearly that if parents decide to send their son, despite everything stated above, the responsibility for the students' welfare and physical health will be theirs, and theirs alone."