Bidenצילום: deposit photos
The Biden Administration hoped that the Afghani military would be effective in defending the majority of the Afghani people against the Jihadists. Hope failed to match reality. The Afghani army, the one that had been paid for, trained and supplied by the Americans was completely vaporized in front of the advancing Taliban. The US army abandoning their military airport in the middle of the night without telling the Afghan forces beforehand was the straw that broke the camel's back.

They hoped, they did not test it. They did not verify it. They did not try to understand it. Hope was the plan. The Biden Administration did not understand the Afghani army’s lack of resolve, its inability to fight without the seeming safety net provided by the presence of even a small American fighting force. When the US military put out the final good night, it amputated the Afghani military’s fighting spirit with these announcements. A fighting force lacking resolve, courage, morale and self-confidence is futile; it’s as hollow as a sinkhole. Any little mouse can punch through this hope-generated photoshop image of a hungry cat . But the Biden Administration just wished that everything would be OK once they left. Hope was the plan.

When President Biden criticized Trump’s immigration policies by making major concessions to illegal immigrants and cancelling, defunding anything with Trump’s name on it, he hoped that his actions would satisfy the “progressively”-minded members of his Democratic party. He hoped that his anti-Trump immigration policies would “correct” mistakes and “unjust” policies formulated by Trump. He hoped without truly understanding the consequences. He did not see the human tidal wave and the chaotic aftermath of his actions. Hope was the plan.

When President Biden cancelled the Keystone pipeline he hoped that his actions would serve as an example to the world greatest CO2 polluters convincing them to follow suit. The opposite has happened. Russia and China took the moment to cash in on America’s hunger for energy. Lack of US domestic production allowed Russia to increase its oil exports and gain handsomely while China has continued its aggressive pollution-filled industrial production while enjoying the higher US Balance of Payment deficit. Hope, rather than economic analysis, or political understanding, was the plan.

When President Biden softened his stance on Iran’s nuclear and imperialistic/terroristic ambitions by lightening economic sanctions, including his return to negotiations, he hoped that Iran would respond in kind, halt its nuclear program, stop violating the Obama and Kerry’s “genius” nuclear deal with the Ayatollah, and thank him for his noble intentions. The Biden Administration hoped. Hope was his plan, but the opposite has taken place. Iran kept breaking restrictions imposed on it by this faulty nuclear deal; the Ayatollah regime is now closer to the realization of the bomb. Their terror machine has been working at full capacity; their aggression-filled hubris took a major step upward. Biden hoped that his mollifying moves would generate conciliatory responses from Iran, but the opposite has been taking place. His moves were interpreted as weakness to be taken advantage of. Hope was a bad plan.

When the Biden Administration continued to insist that the solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was: two-states living in peace side by side, he was dreaming again. He refused to learn from history. This solution has been tried with Lebanon, with Hamastan in Gaza, with the Palestinians in Judea and Samaria following the Oslo Accord and the peace conference between President Clinton, Ehud Barak and Yasser Arafat. In all these examples the withdrawal of Israeli troops gave rise to the formation of a terror state.

When the Israeli military returned to Judea and Samaria it was able to put an end to the terror machine. And now Biden wants to go back to the failed “Two-State Solution”, a solution that had failed twice, in 1947 and in 2000. Biden wants to go back to his ignorance-based fantasy that a two-state solution will bring peace. It’s a hope based on dreams of Paradise; it’s not a reality-evidenced decision backed by recent history. It’s a false hope that carries grim consequences if implemented.

Robert Gates, the former Bush’s and Obama’s Defense secretary, a person who was in close professional relationships with this president, described Biden as someone who had been wrong on nearly every foreign policy question. And now, I may add, it’s not limited just to foreign policy.

Biden has been trying to project the image of a good person, but his judgment has been hope-based rather than reality-based. He is unfit for the job he holds, and he brings shame to the greatest country in the world. One of his puppeteers should have told him that hope is not a plan. But then, this is not going to happen. Those surrounding him are made of the same or even darker cloth.