IDC Herzliya
IDC HerzliyaAmit Giron

Israel’s Council for Higher Education on Tuesday approved the request of the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya to be recognized as a university.

The Interdisciplinary Center is an unbudgeted higher education institution that received recognition from the Council for Higher Education about 25 years ago, and has close to 9,000 Israeli and international students in a variety of undergraduate, master's and doctoral degree programs.

In recent months, the Council for Higher Education has examined the recognition of the institution as a university through an academic committee with senior professors from Israel and around the world who examined the issue and found that IDC Herzliya meets the standards of a university in terms of its scientific and research academic level, as well as in terms of teaching and research infrastructures.

An examination of the institution's research outputs showed that it is in line with other universities in the country, supports researchers through resources, research infrastructures and teaching load as is customary in research universities.

The institute devotes both attention and resources to the proper absorption of new faculty members as is customary in research universities, and conducts academic and research activities in a variety of fields in international collaborations with an impressive ability to raise donations and research budgets.