EvyatarYehonatan Gottlieb

Arabs on Saturday night lit a swastika-shaped fire in the Palestinian Authority Arab town of Beita, near the Jewish town of Evyatar in Samaria.

Samaria Regional Council Head Yossi Dagan said: "The continuation of these barbaric riots by the terrorists from Beita, and the force of the violent opposition funded by the Palestinian Authority, prove how much of a strategic location Evyatar is, and how important it is for the settlement. The continuation of these riots proves how much the agreement reached regarding the opening of a yeshiva at that location is strategic for the nation of Israel."

He added that the Samaria Regional Council will do everything possible in order to "as soon as possible reach [the point] when the land can be declared state land" and to bring a yeshiva and families to Evyatar.

"Everyone will continue to do what he knows how to do and what characterizes him - they will continue to burn swastikas and tires like barbarians, and we, the nation of Israel, will build Evyatar and found the yeshiva and the settlement at the site. The nation of Israel lives on - and will be victorious," he promised.

"I would like to express support, in the name of all residents of Samaria and the core families of Evyatar, for the IDF soldiers and Border Police officers who are guarding our land, and thereby guarding Evyatar as well," Dagan concluded.