Police blockade during the lockdown
Police blockade during the lockdownOlivier Fitoussi/FLASH90

A senior Health Ministry official said that at the current rate of infection, Israel has approximately two weeks before it will reach a critical point where it must decide on restrictions and a possible lockdown over the upcoming holiday season, Kan 11 News reported.

According to the official, if 80% of Israelis aged 50 and up receive a third dose of the vaccine, this may, according to estimates, put a stop to the rise in morbidity.

He added that the "Green Pass" for entry to public spaces and events and the "Purple Pass" for safe operation of businesses are very important in reducing the spread of the virus, but that the vaccines seem to be the most important factor in changing the direction of the trend.

The report also said that the Health Ministry had informed hospital directors to use their judgement and reduce elective non-urgent procedures due to the rise in infections. According to estimates, there are hospitals which will reach that stage in approximately one week.

Meanwhile, an internal survey conducted by the IDF's Home Front Command showed that if a lockdown were imposed over the holiday season, just 30% of Israelis would "definitely" obey the rules.

On Saturday, Israel's Health Ministry reported that there are 827 hospitalized coronavirus patients, 494 of whom are are in serious condition, including 113 who are in critical condition. Eighty-three coronavirus patients are intubated.