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An elderly Jewish plumber was slapped in the face and knocked to the ground by a resident of a home in Brooklyn, New York who accused the man of parking his van so that it was slightly sticking out in front of his driveway.

The strong blow also caused the Hasidic man’s kippah to fall off his head.

The Orthodox Jewish Public Affairs Council said that the assailant became so enraged after noticing that the back of the plumber’s van was slightly obstructing the end of his driveway that he assaulted him, the Daily Mail reported.

The incident, caught on video, took place on 12th Avenue and 39th Street in the Borough Park section of Brooklyn, with the victim telling BoroPark24 that a shirtless man came out of his apartment and screamed at the plumber to immediately move his van.

When the plumber offered to move his vehicle when the man needed to use his driveway, the shirtless man became agitated and that was when he slapped the plumber hard enough to knock him to the ground. He then threw a hose at the driver’s truck.

The victim blacked out briefly after being hit. He ended up with a bruise under one eye and a cut mouth. He was examined by emergency medical services and has since been released.

In the video of the incident, the plumber appears to be loading equipment into his van when the attack takes place.

Before the shirtless man came outside to scream at the Jewish man, a woman had asked him to move his van, according to the Daily Mail.

Shortly afterwards, the shirtless man screamed at the elderly plumber, yelling at him to “get off my property” and pointing angrily at him.

“You disrespected my woman!” the shirtless man yells in the video.

“I told her I'm gonna move,” the Jewish man replies.

'You told her no!' the man yells.

The NYPD knows the assailant’s address, according to BoroPark24.

An investigation was opened by the NYPD who, along with Boro Park Shomrim, are currently searching for the perpetrator.