Major General Yehuda Fox at the ceremony, alongside Kohavi and Yadaie
Major General Yehuda Fox at the ceremony, alongside Kohavi and YadaieIDF Spokesperson's Unit

Major General Yehuda Fox took over as Commanding Officer of the Central Command on Wednesday, replacing Major General Tamir Yadaie who was appointed Commanding Officer of the Ground Forces.

The ceremony to exchange command was held at the headquarters of the Central Command.

At the ceremony, the Chief of the General Staff, Lieutenant General Aviv Kohavi stated, "We stand together, as one united army. We must act together according to our moral standards, at all times and in every mission, in training and in our daily security routine, in an operation and in war. You [soldiers and commanders] operate in a crowded and challenging environment, filled with friction and threats, and it is often unclear who is the enemy and who is innocent. It is a dangerous and volatile area, and you are constantly faced with dilemmas.”

“You’re tasked with successfully carrying out the mission and ensuring the safety and security of our forces, while also not harming innocent people. Sometimes the situation is very complex. I understand the complexity. You must face the complexity. We will stand behind and support you. At the same time, we expect you to follow the professional instructions, and will sharply criticize you for not doing so, without exception. We will support you when you exercise discretion even if errors occur, but we will not accept carelessness. The path of completing the mission in a moral way, is our way. It is achieved through worthy and professional commanders with strong moral values. Such values are seen in the commanders standing here today," he added.

Turning to the outgoing Commanding Officer, the Chief of Staff said, "Tamir, you are here at the end of a year full of challenges and complexities, a year in which you led the Central Command in dealing with terrorist attacks and riots. During the outbreak of the recent riots in East Jerusalem and their influence on violent riots in Judea and Samaria, you conducted the situation with prudent and balanced policy and activity, and knew how to restrain intense violence with a professional and value-based approach. This is a period that could have ended with many more serious terrorist incidents, and many more casualties on the Palestinian side. Those who were not there will never understand, those who were, like me, like many others, will understand and appreciate your efforts.”

“Your [Tamir] rich operational experience and your personal abilities have led me to place you at the head of the Ground Forces, that must be be led by an officer with experience, seniority and abilities like yours."

Turning to Major General Fox, Kohavi said, "Yehuda, you are a talented officer, with extensive operational experience, who has known the area well since your time as a battalion commander and brigadier general. You are a professional commander with high standards, and we entrust you with this sensitive command during a sensitive period. I am convinced that your rich experience and deep wisdom will enable you to lead the arena while properly combining operational determination and values."