Senator Rand Paul released a video urging Americans to "rebel" against the "petty tyrants and bureaucrats" trying to impose Coronavirus guidelines such as mask wearing and staying home from school or work on everyday citizens.

Addressing Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, who recently threatened to fine representatives going maskless during government sessions, Paul warned against, "arresting or stopping" himself or staff members. "We've either had the virus, received the vaccine, or been offered the vaccine," he stated, adding: "We won't show you our [Corona] passports so you can continue you drunken reign over the capital."

Paul continued by threatening to "cut the funding of every federal agency if they don't come back to work..."

Referring to rumors that the schoolyear may be moved back due to the spread of the Delta variant of COVID, Paul said schoolchildren would not be kept away from schools causing them "physical and psychological harm."

Blasting Dr. Fauci and Pelosi over their continued "lies and bureaucracy," Paul said people across the country had been coming up to him to voice their support for "representing the truth."

"We're at a crossroads," he stated. "Will we allow [them] to use fear and propaganda to further harm our society, economy, and children or will we stand up and say: 'Absolutely not! This time I choose freedom,'" concluded the senator from Kentucky.

Video: BlazeTV