Netanyahu addresses opposition members
Netanyahu addresses opposition membersKnesset channel

Opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu attacked the Bennett-Lapid government over the rapid rise in the COVID-19 morbidity rate.

"Today broke a six-month record for [new] Corona cases, a five-month record for daily deaths, and a four-month record for the number of new patients in serious condition," said Netanyahu, adding: "This is a troubling and unnecessary trend that could have been avoided. The citizens of this country should not have had to deal with this type of situation in the first place."

"After all, we were the first nation worldwide to do away with the virus, and as far back as seven weeks ago, I was urging a third dose of the vaccine to be administered around the country since we had a surplus of supplies on the shelves. If we'd done as I suggested at the time, we wouldn't be facing this type of infection spike or hearing conversations about another lockdown. Bennett wasted precious time and the citizens of Israel are the ones paying the price," he concluded.

While a total of 6,275 new cases of the coronavirus were diagnosed Monday - up from 3,421 the previous day, Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked told Radio 103FM she believed Israel could "avoid a lockdown...if [it] succeeded vaccinating 60-plus-year-olds and raising the percentage of vaccinated among the youth..."

Shaked praised the current vaccination campaign, stating: "We are starting to see signs the third vaccine is working, so we are asking everyone to go get vaccinated."