Climate change
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The Israeli government has issued a response to the recent warning from the UN regarding climate change, which calls the phenomenon a "widespread, rapid, and intensifying" problem for the entire world. The Foreign Ministry published a statement agreeing with the call to action and outlining Israel's plans to work against climate change.

According to the statement by the Foreign Ministry, "The report is a warning light, and requires joint international action and sharing of knowledge and experience, in order to prevent the extreme scenarios described in it."

"The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Israeli missions around the world back the concept of a 'climate diplomat' responsible for participation in international climate change events such as 'Earth Day' in which dozens of Israeli missions around the world held events to raise awareness of the issue and present Israeli technologies for tackling the problem."

The report emphasizes that human activity is the driving force behind the changes and that the changes are impacting every region of the globe. The director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Alon Ushpiz, commented on how Israel is might be uniquely positioned to help the rest of the international community handle the shifting conditions.

"The State of Israel, as one that has faced climate-related difficulties since its establishment, has extensive knowledge and experience in the fields of climate-related innovation. Israeli experience and knowledge can help countries around the world in the fields of water technologies and seawater desalination, drought-resistant agriculture and climate change, renewable energy and energy storage, development of animal protein substitutes, reforestation, and other areas that will help all of us face the coming challenges of climate change."