In a first publication by the Israeli police and Shin Bet Security Servide, it was revealed that a number of Bedouins from the town of Ksefa in the Negev desert participated in terror-related attacks against Jews during Operation Guardian of the Walls.

Dozens of Jews were brutally attacked by Israeli Arabs; some of them mortally wounded during the organized assaults.

In the mixed city of Lod, Israel Police and the ISA (Shabak) agents were able to locate the murderers of local resident Yigal Yehoshua, murdered by an Arab mob during the brief conflict.

Six Arab residents of the city were apprehended in connection with Yehoshua’s murder, as well as two additional Palestinian Arabs. Seven of the eight have been indicted for murder and other crimes.

According to reports based on ISA and police interrogations, the suspects made a decision to launch murderous attacks on Jews for nationalist motives. The eight members of the gang erected improvised barriers and used large boulders and garbage canisters to block one of Lod’s streets, and then lay in wait for Jewish-owned vehicles to arrive so that they could pelt them with stones and rocks.

Interrogations also revealed that the accused men pelted Yigal Yehoshua’s vehicle with large rocks and, once the windows were smashed, hurled rocks at Yehoshua himself, hitting him in the head and inflicting critical damage.