A haredi man looking to buy property in northern Israel was chased out of town by a local resident, who declared that haredim were not welcome in his community.

The incident occurred in the Western Galilee town of Bustan HaGalil, a moshav near the city of Acre [Akko], when realtors brought a haredi customer to visit property up for sale in the moshav.

While the realtors took the customer for a tour of the town, a resident approached them, cursing both the realtors and the customer and demanding they leave town immediately.

“Get out! Move it, or I’m going to eat you,” the man screamed.

When asked why he was harassing the group, the resident replied: “Because we don’t want haredim here.”

“Don’t try and lie to me that you’re here for a vacation. Listen, you’ve got one minute to get out of here, and then we can all be friends.”

The resident continued to berate and even threaten the realtors and their haredi customer, demanding the leave immediately.

“I’m very angry, I don’t want to see them here. Take them to your home, those pieces of garbage, you piece of filth.”

“Do they carry guns? Do they protect us from the Arabs? They’re just trash. They just take our money.”

Religious Zionist Party chief Bezalel Smotrich responded to the incident in a statement, saying: “This disgusting person needs to be embarrassed whenever he leaves his home. The truth is he should go to jail for his violence and racist anti-Semitism. But since there is no chance our rotten police and the justice system will deal with him, make the video go viral and shame him everywhere possible so that he should be too ashamed to leave home.”