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A historic 19th century Glasgow synagogue will feature a new heritage center about Scottish Jewry.

Opening this week at the Garnethill Synagogue, the heritage center will serve to educate about the Jewish community’s presence in Scotland since the late 17th century, reported the Jewish News.

The project will tell the story of Jewish history and culture in Scotland as well as provide access to archival resources and research material.

The center will host school visits in order to teach children about Jewish refugees fleeing from the Nazis who found refuge in Glasgow.

Susan Siegel, Chair of Garnethill Synagogue Preservation Trust, said the synagogue “is ideally placed for the new centre. The synagogue is of great architectural interest and for the past 35 years it has also been the home of the Archives Center.”

“The center brings into focus fascinating stories about people associated with Garnethill, who contributed so much towards the modern City of Glasgow,” she added.

Amanda Bomsztyk of the Community Security Trust, the main body tasked with security for the UK Jewish community, said the center “will stand testament to the Jewish communal contribution to Scottish society."

The Association of Jewish Refugees said it was “delighted to support this important initiative to bring a first-of-its-kind Holocaust learning centre to Scotland, and we wish it much success.”

Jews are thought to have first arrived in Scotland some time in the late 17th century, although it is not known exactly when Jews first came to Scoltand. Most Scottish Jews settled in Edinburgh and Glasgow in the mid-19th century.