Connecticutצילום: אייסטוק

A banner in a Connecticut town comparing the Democratic Party to the Nazis featuring swastikas has been denounced by local Democratic leaders, reported Fox 61.

Leaders with Southbury’s Board of Selectmen, the town’s executive body, slammed the sign, which was put up Saturday at Playhouse Corner, an area popular for political rallies.

The sign was captioned “The new logo for the Democratic Party” and featured two donkeys, the party’s symbol, with swastikas on them.

The sign read: “Socialism/anti-America, anti-Jews/Israel, anti-2nd Amendment, pro-eugenics/pro-hate. Modern day Nazi Party.”

A photo of the sign was posted to Twitter by Connecticut Dems. The sign was later removed from Playhouse Corner.

"The Southbury Republicans’ use of universally-recognized symbols of anti-Semitism is hateful and wrong. While we can disagree on policy and issues, this is something we should all agree on,” said Connecticut Dems chair Nancy DiNardo.

“I call on every Republican elected leader and every aspiring Republican leader to denounce, not in quiet phone calls, but to publicly declare that hate and hateful symbols have no place in Connecticut."

Palin Smith, a member of Connecticut for Trump, attends rallies at Playhouse Corner. He told Fox 61 that the person behind the sign is not part of his organization.

However, he has an idea who that person may be, after seeing a similar sign at a rally several months ago in Portland, Maine.

“Any display of a Nazi swastika goes too far,” Smith said. “Because there’s such a stigma attached to the Nazis in World War II before in the extermination of whole groups of people that it is just abhorrent to us as human beings whether you’re on the left or the right. What they did was try to stir things up and I wasn’t there to stop him.”