Gantz with French Jewish leaders
Gantz with French Jewish leadersAriel Hermoni, Defense Ministry

Defense Minister, Benny Gantz completed a 10-hour trip to France during which he met with Minister of the Armed Forces, Florence Parly, Head of the DGSE, Bernard Emié and leaders of the French Jewish community.

Minister Gantz spoke about the strategic defense relations between the two countries, the need to contend with Iran’s nuclear aspirations and the risk that Iran may spark a regional arms race. He emphasized that Iran is a global issue, a regional issue and a threat to the State of Israel. He further emphasized that Israel will take all the necessary measures to defend itself. Minister Gantz also discussed the crisis in Lebanon, the need for initiatives to strengthen the Palestinian Authority and ways to stabilize the situation in the Gaza Strip.

Minister Gantz expressed Israel’s concern with the delivery of weapons to Lebanon. At the same time, he emphasized that Israel is prepared to provide Lebanon with humanitarian aid or to assist countries seeking to provide Lebanon with humanitarian aid, and noted that this is conditioned on the prevention of further regional destabilization.

Minister Gantz addressed the topic of NSO and stated that Israel is taking the allegations seriously. He noted that the State of Israel approves the export of cyber products exclusively to governmental entities, for lawful use and only for the purpose of preventing and investigating crime and counter terrorism. He also informed Minister Parly that officials visited NSO’s office today and that Israel is investigating the allegations thoroughly.