Destau Bisset
Destau BissetCourtesy of his family

On Sunday, police arrested a 16-year-old Arab youth, a resident of the mixed city of Ramle, on suspicion that he was involved in an incident in which 74-year-old Destau Bisset, also of Ramle, was fatally injured.

The youth, it is suspected, was one of two people riding on electric bicycles who rammed into Bisset on May 30th, knocking him down and then fleeing the scene. Bisset was taken to hospital in critical condition and passed away two weeks later.

Tomorrow, the youth will be brought before the Rishon Letziyon district court for a hearing. The investigation into the incident, meanwhile, is ongoing.

At the beginning of July, Minister of Internal Security Omer Bar Lev visited the Bisset family home in Ramle and expressed his shock at the details of the incident as recounted to him by the family. “I have promised that I will personally supervise the handling of this incident,” Bar Lev said afterward, “and I will be providing them with updates and reassuring them that the police are truly making every effort in their investigations.”

Last month, hundreds of people came out to protest on the streets of Ramle, demanding that Bisset’s murderers be apprehended. Bisset’s family have insisted all along that the incident, which occurred during Operation Guardian of the Walls, was nationalistically motivated.

“If not for the family, no one would have known about this incident,” said Immigration & Absorption Minister Penina Tamano-Shatta. “Destau Bisset was the third person to be murdered in the riots here, and we are going to make sure that his murderers face justice. I have no doubt that here, in the heart of a Jewish city, the police are doing all they can to bring the murderers to justice. Omer Bar Lev will be monitoring the case,” she added.

MK Michal Waldiger, who has been in constant contact with the Bisset family, said, “We will not rest and will not remain silent until we lay our hands on these rioters. I thank you, you who settle the State of Israel, also here in Ramle – you must feel safe and secure here.”