Eric Adams
Eric AdamsArutz Sheva

New York City mayoral candidate Eric Adams thanked the Flatbush, Brooklyn Jewish community for “stepping up big time” for him in his Democratic recent primary win.

“I’m a strong believer that good friends walk in the room when others walk out. And many people that I’ve known for a long time they walked out of the room. But not you. You walked in, you said, ‘Eric, you’re not a new friend, you’re an old friend. And friends don’t forget friends,’” said Adams, in a video of him speaking at an RCCS (Rofeh Cholim Cancer Society) fundraiser in Flatbush on Wednesday night, posted to social media by the Yeshiva World.

At the beginning of the month, ahead of the primary, the Flatbush Jewish Community Coalition, an advocacy group representing the Jewish community in Flatbush, endorsed Adams for mayor.

“I promise you… just as you were there for me I”m going to be here for this community,” Adams said.

“And I’m going to ensure that your way of life, that your non-profits like this great non-profit, that our city turns back the anti-Semitism that we’re seeing, the devastation of our small businesses, the right to educate our children, and just the right to exist in a city that we love.”

Other New York City Jewish communities have also endorsed Adams.

In June, a group representing the Jewish community in Crown Heights, Brooklyn doubled down on their endorsement of the mayoral candidate after a video clip circulated attempting to convince them to throw their support elsewhere.

In late May, the Far Rockaway Jewish Alliance (FRJA) and other leaders of the Queens Jewish community gave Adams their support at an announcement event.

Adams is the current Brooklyn borough president.