The parents of students attending an elementary school in Punta Gorda, Florida are demanding action from city officials after a man with swastika flags repeatedly harassed them and their children as they were dropped off.

“I’ve just never seen anything so inappropriate in my whole life,” parent Adam Ackerman told WINK News.

Parent Carla Mitchell described the man hanging around outside the school and carrying swastikas. He also made motions toward the police.

“He had two flags and a Nazi sign. And when the officer came up, (he was) showing the sign(s), especially the Nazi one,” she said.

Ackerman said the man was on the sidewalk near the school at least two times.

“We saw him again this morning wildly screaming profanities at us, our children, as we simply drop our children off at school,” Ackerman said.

Ackerman called the situation “inappropriate” and said that it needs to stop.

While there is a Punta Gorda city ordinance prohibiting the display of signs with obscene language or symbols that can be seen from public property, the Punta Gorda police said they cannot do anything because the man didn’t break the law, reported WINK.

They added they are aware of the man’s actions and the safety of students, staff and parents are a priority.

Nonetheless, Ackerman filed a complaint with the police, explaining he was ready to gather parents together so they could find their own solution, reported S.W. Florida Daily News.

“I just want to bring the parents together and let’s put an end to this in some way,” Ackerman told the news outlet.

Mitchell, likewise, wondered what was behind the man’s behaviour. “I saw him for the first time this morning and thought, ‘Why?'”

Other parents echoed her concerns but so far there isn’t an explanation, and the issue remains unresolved.