Ben & Jerry's Israel
Ben & Jerry's IsraelMatan Portnoy

Dr. Ron Tomer, president of Israel's Manufacturer's Association, has one simple question for those saying to stop buying the Ben & Jerry's ice cream after the global company announced that it would boycott Judea and Samaria.

"Are you crazy?" he asks, with a container of Ben & Jerry's ice cream in one hand. "This is an Israeli manufacturer, fighting for its life against a global corporation, refusing to discriminate between Israelis no matter where in the country they live. That's what you want to boycott?" he demands.

"What the global corporation has done is infuriating," he concedes, "And we need to take action against it. But the Israeli plant that manufactures their ice cream here in Israel creates tens of jobs, pays substantial taxes, and contributes to Israel's development. Hurting it will only serve the global corporation's agenda."

"We need to do this properly," he finishes. "As irritating as the brand might be, we need to support Israeli manufacturing that fights to get its product to every Israeli. It's great ice cream, too - enjoy," he finishes, digging a spoon into the container.