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The Chief Rabbinical Council of Israel has issued a scathing response in which it rejects the government's plans to open the Kashrut market in Israel to competition.

"The Chief Rabbinate of Israel completely rejects this dangerous initiative of the Ministry of Religious Affairs to destroy the concept of Kashrut. The plan presented today will allow any businessman to buy and sell Kashrut on an open market according to personal or corporate interests, with the end result being the end of proper Kashrut supervision. This is part of an ongoing trend of moves against the religious identity of the State of Israel. The Chief Rabbinate, as well as all the Rabbis of Israel, will stand together and take firm action to put a stop to these moves," the Rabbinate stated.

"The bulk of the nation puts full faith in the Rabbinate's Kashrut, and so will 'vote with their feet' to patronize only businesses with proper and traditional supervision. All of these new plans are to be summarily rejected."