Archive: Painted swastikas
Archive: Painted swastikasGershon Elinson/Flash90

A UK man with a record of previous anti-Semitic discrimination has pleaded guilty in court to defacing a war memorial in a coast town in North Wales with Nazi and anti-Semitic messages that insulted Jewish Holocaust victims and also British soldiers from both World Wars.

Thirty-one year old Gareth Jack Bradley, of Ryl, Wales, drew outrage after painting a swastika, an Iron Cross and hateful messages on the memorial, including the phrase “Choke on chlorine Tommy” referring to British soldiers in World War I who were subjected to poison gas attacks, and “This is the time for the Reich” in grammatically incorrect German.

Prosecutor James Neary at the court in Llandudno, Wales said that Bradley had previously gone after a member of the Jewish community, and called for the sentence to be decided by a crown court judge, reported the Daily Post.

Bradley also admitted to defacing his jail cell wall in April with graffiti including a swastika, along with multiple other offenses, including assault and vandalizing multiple vehicles.

District Judge Paul Conlon said, “The offences are too serious for this court to deal with.”

Bail was granted to Bradley until a crown court sentences him in August.

Bradley’s lawyer told the court that his client had been placed in a mental health unit and that his situation had improved.