Iron Dome intercepts rockets over Ashkelon
Iron Dome intercepts rockets over Ashkelonצילום: פיודור ספיר

In an unusual incident during Operation Guardian of the Walls in May, an Iron Dome interceptor was accidentally launched at an F-15 military plane, Channel 12 News reported.

The missile launched from the Iron Dome system was aimed at a rocket, but for a reason that has not yet been clarified, changed direction and locked onto the plane that entered the interception space. The ground operators who understood what had happened immediately blew up the interceptor and prevented a disaster.

The plane was hit by shrapnel from the interceptor but the pilots managed to land safely.

An IDF spokesman said: "This is a complex incident, in which the Air Force was required to intercept rockets and at the same time - attack Gaza. Now, the incident is being investigated in order to improve and continue to carry out the missions at the same time for the safety of the residents of Israel."