MDA ambulance
MDA ambulanceGideon Markowicz/Flash90

The roof of a home in central Israel fell in, killing one person who became trapped in the rubble.

The home, located in Herzliya, had been undergoing renovations at the time of the collapse.

Israel Police is investigating the cause of the collapse and searching for additional people who may be trapped.

Magen David Adom (MDA) said in a statement: "At 1:20p.m. we received a report to the MDA 101 hotline in the Yarkon District regarding a worker who was injured by a ceiling which collapsed while demolishing a building in Herzliya. MDA paramedics reported a 28-year-old worker who showed no signs of life. They were forced to declare his death."

Israel Fire and Rescue Services said in a statement: "A worker was killed in a work accident in Herzliya. A rafter weighing half a ton fell on the worker, who was working in a private home in Herzliya, where renovations were ongoing."

"Firefighting rescue teams from the Herzliya station, under the command of Lahav Noam Ozri, are acting at the scene. The worker was killed."

MDA paramedics Mohammed Yassin and Bentzy Himmel said: "When we arrived at the street, they led us in the home's courtyard, which was in the stages of being demolished. The worker was trapped unconscious beneath the ceiling, which had collapsed. We performed medical examinations, but he had no signs of life and we had no choice but to declare his death."